Unfortunately, the application deadline for this event has passed. Applicants will receive feedback in the coming days.

Places for academies are typically in high demand, and there are always significantly more interested parties than there are places available. We can award a total of 80 places. These include actively funded (doctoral) scholars of the Studienstiftung, alumni:ae, and externals. It is important to us to make the selection process as transparent as possible. Therefore, we will disclose our exact decision rules after the selection. Each application will be considered individually and the letter of motivation will be evaluated separately from the name, gender and email address of the respective person. Places will be awarded primarily on the basis of the letter of motivation. However, two special cases apply: If AG 6 is indicated as a first or second choice, technical knowledge will also be considered in the allocation process. External applicants must also upload a CV, which is included in the selection process. For a good discussion it is imperative to have different, complementary and conflicting perspectives. Therefore, in a second step, we make sure to include a variety of identities and attitudes to make this possible. In doing so, we take into account additional information. With your registration you agree to the conditions of participation (available in German only) of the Studienstiftung, as well as to the hygiene concept (available in German only). Please note that the application form is in German.

As explained in the announcement, according to the guidelines of the Studienstiftung a personal contribution of 20, 30 or 50 Euro per person and night is due, in total:

  • 120 Euro for scholarship holders (full board)
  • 180 Euro for externals/alumni without accommodation (tbd)
  • 300 Euro for externals/alumni:ae with overnight stay (full board)

The application tool runs on our own virtual server in Switzerland, and even there your answers are only stored encrypted. If you are still unsure about security, we also accept PGP encrypted applications. Just send an email to with this PGP key.